Click to enlargeVtech Replacement Battery

3-1/2AA-ANMH, 3.6 volt, 700Mah, Nickel-metal hydride (NIMH) replacement battery.

Fits Vtech models 20-2438, 3190097, 80-5074-00-00, 80-5074-02-00, 9116,
9127, GZ2434, GZ2436, GZ2437, GZ2439, GZ2456, GZ2459, IA5824, T2326,
T2406, T2426, T2451, TZ2526, TZ2528, TZ2551, TZ2553, TZ2558, VT1712,
VT2417, VT2418, VT2419, VT2426, VT2427, VT2428, VT2429, VT2458, VT2468, VT2498, VT2528, VT2558, VT2568, VT9109 (NEW), VT9110, VT9113, VT9114, VT9116, VT9117, VT9118 (NEW), VT9119, VT9122, VT9123, VT9124, VT9126, VT9127, VT9152, VT9161, VT9162.


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