Siecor / Corning SPS-H70-SR1 / SPS-H7Q-SR1 POTS DSL Splitter

The standard for DSL splitters, Siecor / Corning SPS-H70-SR1 and SPS-H7Q.SR1. This splitter is designed to "split" the data signal from the voice signal before the copper pair enters the building or home or at a central point indoors. It splits the pair into two pairs (data & voice) while "filtering out" the noise from the data signal so it doesn't interfere with the conversation. With this device installed there is no need for the indoor DSL filters which often accompany the "Self-Install" ADSL Kits sent. With the indoor filter system, your data is running throughout the entire inside wiring. With a splitter mounted at the phone box, you are isolating data to a particular jack. Depending on the condition of the inside wiring, this may improve your DSL signal strength and performance. Models # SPS-H70-SR1 or # SPS-H7Q-SR1.

•Outdoor housing for wall or conduit mounting
•Wiring terminals for each splitter port (NETWORK, VOICE, DATA)
•ANSI T1.413 compliant
•UL-listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards
•FCC Part 68 compliant
•Environmentally hardened
•Can be used in wiring closets
•Maintenance test signature included as standard

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