Click to enlargePanasonic P-P511 Replacement Battery

Fits Panasonic KM-TGA510M, KX-FPG376, KX-FPG381, KX-TG2205, KX-TG2215, KX-TG2217, KX-TG2227, KX-TG2237, KX-TG2247, KX-TG2257, KX-TG2258, KX-TG2267, KX-TG270, KX-TG2700, KX-TG272, KX-TG2720, KX-TG2730, KX-TG2740, KX-TG2750, KX-TG2770, KX-TG2970, KX-TG5100, KX-TGA270S, KX-TGA273, KX-TGA290, KX-TG5100M, KX-TGA510M
and Vtech I5867 model cordless telephones. This is GE Battery TL26400.


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