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FAN-G99M BIG Numbers Call Waiting Caller ID Unit

Type II Large Backlite Screen - Caller ID unit - Caller ID receives and displays name, number, and calling time - Call waiting caller ID - Stores calling numbers, names, and calling times of last 99 calls, answered or not - 4 Buttons: DIAL/FLASH, DELETE, FORWARD REVIEW, and BACKWARD REVIEW - Large backlit 3-line LCD - LCD viewing area: 1.5" x 3.1" - Supports both Bellcore and ETSI call waiting caller ID interfaces - Universal message waiting indication - Automatic stutter tone detection - Visual message waiting indication (FSK) - flashing LED and LCD icon indicate message(s) waiting in your local telephone company's voice mailbox - Use the DIAL/FLASH button to switch between calls in call waiting state - Use the DIAL/FLASH button for the call back feature - Preset up to 4 area codes, one for 7 digit dialing and three for 10 digit dialing - AC adapter is included with optional 3 AA batteries to back-up memories and operation of caller ID during power failure - Size: 4.1" x 4.1" - Off white


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