Excelsus Z-250CWA DSL Wall Jack Z-BLOCKER Filter

Compact wall-mount filter for phones or telephone equipment sharing a two-line phone jack. Uses a removable in-line filter, which is a useful feature if you ever need to convert from wall-mount to in-line installation. Isolates DSL and home phoneline networking (HPN) signals from voice signal for peak data performance and voice quality. Effectively filters one or more phone devices (standard or cordless phone, answering machine, dial-up modem, fax machine, etc.). Use one filter at each phone jack in use in the home or office. Easy to install—just snap the filter over the existing wall outlet and mount the wall phone on the filter. Also provides one unfiltered jack for DSL/HPN plus one filtered jack for a second phone or fax machine. Key Features are filters one or more phone devices sharing a single jack on line 1 and line 2, blocks DSL/HPN signals from phone equipment to enhance voice-band signal, isolates DSL/HPN from phone equipment impedance for peak data performance, supports all major xDSL standards including VDSL; plus V.90, Caller ID and metallic-loop testing compatible, compliant and listed with FCC, CS03, UL, CE and CSA, wall-mount design—snaps over existing wall outlet, provides separate jacks for wall-phone, other phone device, and DSL/HPN, plug and jacks have minimum of 50 microinches of gold plating to prevent corrosion and ensure reliable electrical connections.

Z-BLOCKER is a registered trademark of Excelsus Technologies, Inc.

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