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The Pioneer Shoppe/eShoppe Exclusive. Trace the Bell logo from its inception through divestiture. Cream background with navy logo's on parchment paper. Print dimensions are 8 inches in width by 36 inches in length.

1889-1900 - AT&T reaches its initial goal, opening a long distance line connecting New York and Chicago. The circuit could handle only one call at a time. The price was $9 for the first five minutes.

1900-1921 - Theodore Vail begins his second term as the President of AT&T. Vail develops the philosophy, strategy, and the structure that guides AT&T and the Bell System for the next seventy years.

1921-1939 - The first broadcast of a football game (Univ. of Chicago vs. Princeton) is sent in October of 1922 over telephone wire from Chicago to New York City.

1939-1964 - AT&T Bell Laboratory scientists John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley invent the transistor, the first solid state amplifier or switch, and lay the foundation for modern electronics.

1964-1969 - The FCC reaches its Carterfone decision which opens the way for competition in the customer-owned equipment market. AT&T introduces 911 as a nationwide emergency number.

1969-Present - AT&T opens its first Network Operations Center in Bedminster, N.J. achieving active management of its entire long distance network from a single location.

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