Click to enlargeBATT-107 Replacement Battery

Dantona replacement battery for Panasonic KX-TG3000 and 6000 series phones.

- 3.6V - Capacity: 700 - NiMH - Connector: Pressure

Will work for the following models:

KX-TG3021S: 2.4GHz Exp Cordless w/Caller ID,
KX-TG3031S: 2.4GHz Exp Cordless w/Answering,
KX-TG3032B: 2.4GHz Expandable Dual Handset,
KX-TG3033S: 2.4GHz 3 Handsets w/Answering,
KX-TG3034B: 2.4GHz 4 Handsets w/Answering,
KX-TG6021M: 5.8GHz Expandable System,
KX-TG6022B: 5.8GHz Dual Handset Expandable,
KX-TG6051M: 5.8GHzExpandable System w/Answering,
KX-TG6052B: 5.8GHz DualHandset Expandable,
KX-TG6053S: 5.8GHz 3 HandsetITAD Expandable,
KX-TG6054B: 5.8GHz Cordless w/4 Handsets,
KX-TG6071M: 5.8GHz Expandable w/Answering,
KX-TG6072B: 5.8GHz Dual Expandable w/Answering,
KX-TG6073S: 5.8GHz 3 Handset Expandable w/Answering,
KX-TG6074B: 5.8GHz 4 Handset ITAD w/Dual Handset,
KX-TG6500B: Discontinued,
KX-TG6502B: Discontinued,
KX-TG6502BP: 5.8GHz 2-Line Exp BLISTER PACK,
KX-TG6700B: 5.8GHz 2-Line Expandable Cordless,
KX-TG6702B: 5.8GHz 2-Line Bundled/Exp Cordless


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