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The 2011 Centennial (1911-2011) Pioneers Calendar features nostalgic images from the AT&T Archives. The images celebrate our rich and long legacy and show that while our look has changed, the mission of the Pioneers has remained the same 100 years later.
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Click on image(s) for a larger view. Inset (smaller) image above shows the 12 images used in Calendar from
left to right. Top Row is January-April, Middle Row is May-August and Bottom Row is September-December.

Titles below each image for each month include:
January-A test boardsman and his co-workers take a break from monitoring telephone lines, 1905.
February-This long-distance operator was contestant in the "Miss Voice" contest, 1953.
March-A lineman places a lashing machine used to wrap wire, spiral fashion, around aerial cable, 1939.
April-A repair clerk fills out paperwork, 1946.
May-Cable splicers repair a cut cable line, 1950.
June-A novel installation truck advertises kitchen wall phones in a suburban neighborhood, (ca. 1950s).
July-As his customer watches, a telephone repairman replaces a part on a 300 series phone, 1953.
August-A central office switchman tests a brand new cross-bar automatic switching system, 1946.
September-A customer and her service representative interact in a small town telphone business office, 1956.
October-With her supervisor observing, an operator connects a local customer, 1934.
November-A construction crew inserts underground cable into a manhole, 1922.
December-A central office tecnician makes adjustments to a step-by-step automatic switching system, 1956.

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