Click to enlarge2007 Telecom Pioneers Historical Calendar

Photos include:

January - In 1942, operators help servicemen place calls at an Attended Public Telephone Pay Station on of one of the many military installations in the U.S.
February - Toll Room Operators at work, 1950's.
March - Cable splicers repair a damaged line in the aftermath of a 1971 tornado.
April - These operators on parade are about to join other Bell System employees serving abroad during World War I, 1918.
May - Central office technicians stand in front of new distribution frames, ca. 1920's.
June - This is a typical telephone construction crew in 1909.
July - This toll operator poses at her section of the long-distance switchboard in 1930.
August - A group of telephone employees test a long-distance circuit at an experimental switchboard, ca. 1894.
September - A telephone operator, on the far right, gives a "hear your own voice" demonstration to students and their teacher in 1936.
October - This toll board was one of the most modern boards and exchanges in 1898.
November - The designer of a unique installation truck adjusts the overhead ladder rack, ca. 1950's.
December - A construction crew repairs a toll line in 1898.

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